How To Hack Netflix Without Paying Money ?

How To Hack Netflix Without Paying Money ?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services today, that provides users with web dramas series, movies. One has to subscribe to be able to access the contents that are available on the website. When a new movie is released it takes just about a week or two to get uploaded in the servers. You can watch some best and amazing movies and as it has a wide range of genres to choose like horror, romantic, melodrama, musicals and action movies.

Netflix services are paid and come with lucrative plans and they have monthly quarterly and annual plans. And the options to use 2 and 4 screens. In this we will tell how to hack netflix without paying , we never encouraging someone using unethical ways to breach Netflix’s server and abuse it. We would always suggest you make a full purchase of Netflix after you try these tricks.

Using Google Accounts

This is the first on how to hack netflix without paying as this method can help you to log in to Netflix as many times as you want but you have to make sure you have enough email addresses in your store. This is legit because when you sign up for Netflix use the payment mode via Google Store because in this way the servers store the information of your Google Pay account and not the details of the card. You can use this method to hack Netflix as much as you want.

Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards are a great way to hide the identity of cards and they are legally legit because it is issued by the credit card service providers to the customers. Most common banks provide the virtual card and in our opinion, the most trusted Virtual Card providers are American Express Go, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, etc.

Hacked Modded APks

These are regular Apks that come with modifications and it might be just the magical door you’ve looking for. But if it is updated it might lose all the information and might not work hence after. It is one of the easiest ways on how to hack netflix without paying, while it might work or not.